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In-Office Conversions

How good is your team at converting leads into customers?

 Once your website is optimized to get visitors to take action, the next step is ensuring your team is properly trained on converting those people into customers.

 I can help with that.

Let me help you coach your team on how to turn a contact into a customer. 

1-on-1 Coaching 

Video Lessons

Conversions Workbook

Call Script

Customer Journey & flow Mapping

1-On-1 Coaching

We’ll jump on a video meet and I’ll walk you through what makes people convert and how to on-board your team.

Video Lessons

Get access to training videos for your team that they can access at anytime.

Conversions Workbook

Together we’ll work through and establish exactly what your office needs to gain clarity on in order to systematize and create protocols around scheduling new clients.

Call Script

Easy-to-use verbiage for your team so they can answer phones and respond to messages like a highly skilled salesperson.


Ensure the team is on the same page about the new customer journey and no balls get dropped.

How many people contact your office & actually schedule?

If you want an increase in new clients, whichever team member(s) is the first point of contact is essentially the gate keeper, and it’s imperative that they are swinging the figurative door to your business wide open. 

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