Are you capturing leads?

Your marketing should effortlessly guide your potential clients/customers through the customer journey.

Let me help you create a great website that speaks to your customer’s needs and converts them into paying customers/clients. My website design, branding, & marketing packages include the necessary items for high conversion rates. 

Setting up marketing automations and funnels will allow you to grow your potential client/customer list, warm them up so that they are receptive to you, and enabling you to be able to market your products/services:

Automations: customer surveys, email campaigns & nurture sequences

Persona/Avatar Creation & Identification

Brand Scripts (identifies avatar wants, needs, objections, etc.)

Client Relationship Management Platform Set up


Webinar presentation/ automation

Lead magnets (to capture new Subscribers)

Customer Journey & flow Mapping

Setting up operational systems & on-boarding a team

Website traffic strategy (coaching)


Use funnels to set yourself up for success by guiding potential customers & customers through their next steps as they head towards purchasing.

Email Automations

Build your potential client list through lead magnets, and accompanying email nurture sequences to get them ready to buy from you. All without you manually having to do a thing.

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